Forestilling Auditoriet

lørdag 2. september 2017


14. oktober kl 12.00 - 13.00 spiller vi for Roman Rindberger!!

He as well was born into a family of musicians, already playing with his father and his two brothers in truly traditional style as early as in his youth. During those folk music events his father Hans, in turn, did meet Gerhard‘s father Franz from time to time, since the Füßl family lived in the neighboring village.
Roman loves the classic-technical passages, treating them with the precision of a Swiss clock-maker. In addition, he even claims to know how all this works in theory! So anybody wishing to acquire greater knowledge on the topic of brass music, please simply ask Roman.
On stage he’s responsible for the Latin Lover part.
Masterclassen er åpen for alle. Vi trenger publikum!

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